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Count on us for quality boarding services for your pet while you are away.

We offer our canine guests spacious climate-controlled individual indoor and outdoor accommodations completely surrounded by privacy fencing. Our kennel and cattery are sanitized daily and clean comfortable bedding is provided daily. We feed according to individual requests and are happy to administer your pet's oral medication at no additional charge. You can arrange individual supervised outdoor playtime or walking for an additional fee. Our grooming services are available during your pet's stay. We are happy to arrange Pick up and Delivery.

Dog Park

For our feline guests we offer a separate cattery with individual spacious tiered quarters under a naturally lit skylight. We offer individual supervised playtime for an additional fee.

Pet Boarding

Dogs and Cats are our specialty, but will accept other pets upon request.

Proofs of current vaccinations are required.

Please view our requirements page for specific requirements, fees and hours. Thank You!


In addition to our pet boarding services, we offer wide variety of grooming services from basic bathing and dipping to hand scissoring for the show ring. Our experienced groomers are available days and evenings by appointment. We do not use tranquilizers or cage dryers. Pets that require being blown dry are done so by the groomer personally and are never left unattended. Your pet will look its best with pet grooming services from Beech Hill Kennels.

Pet Grooming

Our trainers, who have more than 40 years of experience, offer private and group training classes for on- and off-lead obedience. Our private classes are designed to meet the individual training needs of our canine students and their owners. We address specific training problems and offer housebreaking consultations. For owners whose hectic schedule will not permit the daily practice commitment, we offer in-house training where your dog will stay at the kennel and receive complete obedience training. This includes follow-up lessons for their owners at the completion of the dog's training.

Pet Training

Day Care
Our dog day care services are perfect for owners who must leave their dogs unattended for long hours or simply don't want to leave their playful puppy home alone. Our staff provides planned activities to keep your pet active throughout the day. We offer daily walks on our grounds, which include a large duck pond, and you can also take advantage of our grooming services during your pet's stay.

Dog Day Care

Behavior Modification
We specialize in dogs exhibiting anxiety, aggression, nervousness, and shyness. Many difficult behaviors are exhibited by dogs suffering from anxiety. Often these behaviors are corrected by a proper exercise regimen and calm, responsible interaction with your dog. We find many cases in which owners try training and find it to be unsuccessful. Training often does not work with these dogs because their state of anxiety prevents them from accepting even simple commands. It becomes a struggle between dog and handler. With behavior modification, we will teach you how to get your dog into a stable mindset to accept your leadership and follow your direction. Oftentimes, owners shower their dogs with affection and expect their dog to respond in kind, but instead are met with stubbornness and defiance. This is because dogs do not react to human emotion but instinct. Some dogs feel insecure with attention because it is overwhelming and stimulates their anxiety. If you have a dog with a behavior problem and would like to discuss his or her issues, please contact us.

Well Behaved Dog

Dog Play Park
You and your dog can enjoy an individual play session in a half-acre secured fenced area. We supply tennis balls. Reservations and vaccinations are required to use the play park.

Dog Play Park

Contact our kennel in  Bensalem, Pennsylvania, for
experienced pet boarding, grooming, and training.

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